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Safari Room

Safari Room is the indie rock outfit and brainchild of Alec Koukol (Omaha-native, now Nashville-local).

“We’re not that different you and me,” Alec Koukol repeats throughout the swelling bridge of “Garden Talker,” and that line might as well be a mission statement for Safari Room. Koukol describes “human connection as a founding cornerstone” as the project’s ethos, and that message is a through-line for Safari Room’s entire discography so far. The band is known, particularly in Nashville, for their special brand of indie rock, their live shows and the sense of community that comes from singing Safari Room’s songs together. That’s Safari Room’s hope, and that’s what they’re going for on their as-yet-untitled third LP. These songs are the band’s biggest, boldest, and most personal yet; in other words, they’re Safari Room at their very best. - Zac Djamoos

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