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Ric Robertson

Ric Robertson is a generational songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist cut from the fabric of great American music of all kinds.  He has the rare ability to deliver his authentic self on stage each night, and his personality and wisdom shine through both in his songs and any music he chooses to deliver.  Ric is equally at home on Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Drums, and Bass, and his musicianship and singing transcend the confines of any specific genre - as a part of Sam Grisman Project he has spent the last year delivering unique and inspired versions of some of his favorite songs from the musical universe of Jerry Garcia and David Grisman as well as his own originals.  Ric has a brand new album, “Choices and Chains”, set for release in July, and plans to hit the road for some solo dates when he is not being featured with Sam Grisman Project or writing songs for the next record!

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