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Plug Perry

Plug Perry was born in Nashville TN and raised in Clarksville. He found his passion for music around the age of eight years old. Not coming from a household of musicians, he used the success of his uncle who is a major Dj out of New York as inspiration to beat the odds. He has created a sound that is unique. You can hear the pain in his voice and it’s obvious he has a story to tell. Plug Perry is on a mission and relentlessly chasing his dream of making music his career. Overcoming  major hurdles in his life, he has begun to focus on selflessness and learning to make his goals priority. He stands strong on the statement you can’t put others on until you put yourself on. At the end of day he wants to be remembered as the person who sacrificed it all to put his family and loved ones in a better situation for generations to come. Plug Perry has next! 

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