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Hailing from the vibrant Chicago scene, OTNES (they/she) has evolved into a musician and producer known for emotional, nostalgia-infused tracks that are as irresistible as they are unique. With a deep appreciation for vintage aesthetics, OTNES seamlessly blends dynamic synthpop with live instrumentation, creating a distinctive sonic experience.

In the aftermath of the tragic loss of close friend and producer Max Perenchio during COVID, OTNES faced uncertainty. Relocating to Nashville, they transformed grief into growth, producing the debut record, SHOW THEM WHAT'S INSIDE! This 12-track album draws inspiration from classics like Fleetwood Mac and Heart, while embodying a cutting-edge pop sensibility reminiscent of Caroline Polachek, Dora Jar, and Tennis. OTNES skillfully combines live-tracking with current pop sensibility, delivering a dynamic and emotionally resonant journey.

Embark on the musical adventure of SHOW THEM WHAT'S INSIDE!, available for streaming everywhere. Don't miss the opportunity to catch OTNES on tour this April/May, supporting the incomparable Donny Benét.

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