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Mouth Reader

Hailing from the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Mouth Reader emerges with a ferocious blend of psychedelic and garage, with a hint of krautrock.  


Originally a gritty two-piece birthed in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Mouth Reader has evolved into a four-piece powerhouse featuring Jack Tellmann pounding the drums, Dylan Frost conjuring otherworldly sounds on guitar and keys, Kyle Frary delivering raw vocals and blistering guitar riffs, and Zach Bauman laying down the groove on bass. 


 Their music takes cues from the likes of Stereolab's ethereal swirls, Deerhunter's sonic explorations, the primal energy of The Stooges, and the quirky irreverence of Devo. It's a kaleidoscopic journey through the annals of rock 'n' roll, delivered with a gritty edge and infectious energy. 


In their time as an outfit, Mouth Reader has shared the stage with staples of the underground, including shoegaze legends Swirlies, Bass Drum of Death, Frankie & the Witch Fingers, Acid Dad, Wine Lips, Levitation Room, Pearl & The Oysters and more. 


Mouth Reader is poised to detonate their next sonic explosion with a unique and fresh batch of recordings, hoping to redefine their sound and vision in 2024 and beyond.


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