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Based out of Nashville, TN, MIDTONES sound takes its shape from the hushed stories of Daniel Brown (vocals/guitar), driving beats of Quinten Schulze (drums), echoing melodies of Scott Brown (lead guitar), and intricate rhythms of Tom Senter (bass/keys). College roommates. A father and son. Literal next-door neighbors who met by pure chance. MIDTONES is a family band that shares a hodge-podge admiration of melancholy lyrics, ear-cracking drums, droning synthesizers, and a good ole fashioned guitar solo. The band took form in 2014 after frontman Daniel Brown and drummer Quinten Schulze moved to Nashville after college to keep the dream of music-making alive. Daniel’s pops, Scott - who inspired Daniel to play guitar in his youth - brought the band’s sound to life with his screaming guitar tones. The group then recruited their new next-door neighbor, Tom, to join up after learning of his musical (and culinary) wizardry and ample stock-pile of organs, bass guitars, and synthesizers. The rest is recorded history. To date, the band has released two full-length albums, including its latest effort, In the Box, released in 2020. Singles from the album include, Believer, Coffee Maker, and Money or Drugs, and have been featured on Nashville’s Lighting 100 and Memphis’ DittyTV. 

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