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Lily Meola

Maui-born singer, songwriter, and guitarist Lily Meola traces her unbelievable journey to international renown with attention to detail and an intimate understanding of emotion. After generating millions of streams, collaborating with legends, and earning acclaim from Rolling Stone, Billboard and Huffington Post, she opens up on her new music for Nettwerk. Growing up, she fell in love with musicians such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Cat Stevens. She homeschooled at the house of legendary producer Bob Rock [Michael Bublé, Nelly Furtado] and would contribute background vocals to his projects. She collaborated with Willie Nelson on "Will You Remember Mine" from his 2013 album, To All The Girls… In addition to lending her voice to Jamey Johnson's The Christmas Song EP and singing with Lukas Nelson on multiple occasions, she has also duetted with the likes of Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, to name a few. After a serendipitous call, Lily appeared on America's Got Talent, and her performance of "Daydream" not only earned her the "Golden Buzzer," but also widespread acclaim. Signing to Nettwerk Music Group, she breathes new life into the song with 2023's "(Don't Quit Your) Daydream." Over sweeping cinematic piano, her lyrics take center stage sung with both palpable emotion and encouraging spirit. "If I can give you any sort of comfort in my music, there would be nothing better," she leaves off. "I've gone through a lot, and I just want to let you know it will be okay."

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