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Honey Bxby

Few stars burn as bright as Honey Bxby. A New Jersey native, the multi-hyphenate singer-songwriter
developed her talents from an early age. Raised on contemporary artists like Drake, Alicia Keys, and
Kehlani, she spent hours studying their melodies, cadences, and lyrics. Inspired by their introspective
approaches to storytelling and applied that to her writing style. Honey would go on to begin performing
privately to friends before uploading covers of songs online. A siren for the YouTube generation, Honey
dropped her first song back in 2019 while simultaneously attending cosmetology school. While working,
briefly, as an exotic dancer and on a hiatus from music, she was discovered through Instagram. A chance
meeting with her now manager, K Mack, helped launch her career. Merging disarming truthfulness with
flesh-and-blood-sex appeal, her emotional honesty has garnered rising notoriety. Her singular
soundscape blends serene, honey-laced vocals with unbridled and cold-blooded raps. On her debut EP,
she flits through genres with bullish command. In a sea of sameness, while the bulk of her peers are
more concerned with aesthetics and manufactured personas, Honey’s self-contained authenticity is
reassuring to a generation still forming the language around complex emotions. Honey has a knack for
using Instagram as a personal and unfiltered diary while encouraging her fans to be their most true
selves. “There’s no persona, this is me all the time. I’m talking a lot of shit. I try to show myself. I just
wanna inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. As an artist it’s not just about your music. It’s
about your image, your personality, your character, all of that.”

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