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Hannah Juanita

Hannah Juanita left her home state of Tennessee in her early twenties to ramble the world, trying new things and gathering stories. Eventually, at 30, she found herself living in a Hostess step-van-turned- cabin on the side of a mountain in Washington state, in a relationship that had her feeling lonelier than actually being alone. So she packed up her things, namely her dog Loretta and a guitar, and got the hell out of dodge. She landed in Nashville and started writing and performing songs about her worldly life experiences. She's done her fair share of touring, and she is now a staple live performer at traditional country joints and honky tonks around Music City. Hannah Juanita's debut record, Hardliner, established a strong honky tonk sound, while her two latest singles show a softer side and give a taste of the genre progressing style Juanita is developing, as noted by, naming her one of the five females creating the future of country music. 

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