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Jams Of The Giant Peach - A Tribute To 2000's Butt Rock
Sat January 21, 2023 8:00 pm CST
The Basement East

Proceeds after expenses will be going to ChildHelpTN. 

Performers for Jams of the Giant Peach

Clay Eubank - Cody Parks and the Dirty South

Bryan Blumer - Lost Circus

Chris Vest - Framing Hanley

Kelly Storc - Kelly Storc

Ryan Johnson - Chuck Shafer Picture Show

Brandon Bell - Summon The Moon

Brandon Wootten - Framing Hanley

Casey Jago - Sleepwave

Johnathan Taylor 

Barry Donnegan - Look What I Did

M. Voodoo - Voodoo Prophet/Rose of Sharyn

Dennis Ricci 

Marci Ricci 

Hailee Norris

Christi Binkley 

James Cole IV

Bryson Durham

Dylan Dasbulon

Seth Lake-Swamp

Zakk DuBois - Guillotine

Steve Braun - Halcyon Way

Eddie Ford

Mark Warner - Rose of Sharyn/Powerslave

Chris Metker

Robbie Amburgey
Cadence Hinnant - Cadence

Mark Camire - Rose of Sharyn

Gerardo Prudhomme  - The Other LA

Jonn Nicholson - Not Your Nails/Kobb

Chad Grant - Lost Circus

Jordan Taylor Moed - The Hungry and the Dangerous

Dalton Turner

Sam Rivera - Rose of Sharyn

Golden Rosewood

Kris Jackson - Moonlight Drowns

Alex “Thor” Tjoland - Moonlight Drowns

Eric Ralls

Whit Hamilton - Shake Your Tomb

Tyler Sellers - Saidan

Hundo Wonderchild - Saidan

Eli Daconto - The Monster

Tyler Marberry 

Tonya LeAnn - Lydia’s Castle

Cody Denton - Lydia’s Castle

Mario Gelati - Not Your Nails

Andy Habermal - Not Your Nails

Kinetic Kristin - Not Your Nails

Kristen Lenkowski

Dave Dones

Shae Padilla

Cory “Dangerously” Martin

Andy Cabana

Monte Mader

Valerie Gordon

Aria Alexander - Aria and the Voiceless

Nick Elder - Meditator

Josh Ray - Meditator 

Chris Wheeler 

Jake Johnson - Guillotine 

Jeremy Barbour - Guillotine

Glenn Helton

This show currently has no COVID safety requirements for attendees. This is subject to change. If this changes we will be sure to update this page as well as notify all ticket buyers via email.